Member Dispute Library - Learn, Prepare, Prevent

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We all want to prepare for the future. Plan for any issue that can come up: credit, medical, dental, disaster, emergency, fire, etc. 

  • You have medical and dental insurance to get assistance with future bills. 
  • You have a fire extinguisher in case you leave the oven on with the turkey in it. 
  • Drills at school in case of an earthquake. 
  • Phone tree in case of emergency.

As a member, you receive access to a full dispute library and tools that you can't get anywhere else!

Well, what about planning for your credit? Where's the credit-version of an extinguisher and have you run your credit drills in case of an emergency?

What about when you hire someone to work on your credit? What about everything else you should be doing?

  • learning the basics yourself
  • working on score and credit-building
  • educating yourself
  • preparing for the "financial unforeseen"
  • changing spending habits
  • learning healthy credit habits
  • preventing recurrence of negative-items
  • planning for credit goals

I am positive that personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge. Our concentration on behavior - realizing that most folks have a good idea of what to do with money but not how to do it - has led us to a different view of personal finance...Instead, this proven plan is having a national impact because I have realized that to change your money thing,  have to change. You have to change your life. When you change your life, you will get out of debt, give, and invest at an unbelievable rate.

- Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover

Are you ready for a YOU change? 

Are you ready to change your LIFE?

This membership will go hand-in-hand with any program you are already in, are planning to be in, are avoiding, etc. 

Learn by educating yourself
Prepare for financial unforeseen
Prevent unhealthily relapse


Standard: $139 per month 

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$139 a month

Member Dispute Library - Learn, Prepare, Prevent

132 ratings